Dillon Francis criticises Katy Perry over video similarities

Pop singer Katy Perry has come under fire from dance superstar Dillon Francis over allegations she copied ideas from one of his music videos for her Roar promo. The I Kissed a Girl star has bounced back to the spotlight with her new single, which is accompanied by a video revealing the song’s lyrics on a cell phone in a text message format.
Francis has now accused Perry of lifting the idea for the promo from the video for his 2013 single Messages, addressing the pop star directly in a series of posts on Twitter.com: “Katy Perry steals my Messages music video idea… What the f**k?… Hey Katy Perry why?”
He later adds, “Legitimately this is so dope (good) that Katy Perry’s director thought my video was good enough to rip off.”
It is the latest controversy to hit Perry over her new single after a number of fans expressed concerns about the track’s similarity to a song called Brave by Sara Bareilles.
A mash-up of the two songs has since appeared online. Perry previously complimented the singer on Brave by tweeting her about the track in May (13).