Director Caruso drops out of Y: The Last Man project

The Disturbia moviemaker had signed up to bring the popular comic book series to the big screen in a new blockbuster, but he has now pulled out of the project after clashing with bosses at New Line Cinema.

Caruso admits he was keen to make three films to document the stories, while studio chiefs aimed to condense the series into a single movie – and he stepped down after failing to resolve the dispute.

He tells the Latino Review, “I love, love, love that project. I think the biggest problem for me was I saw it as a trilogy. I didn’t think that you could take (character) Yorick’s story and put it in to a two-hour movie and do it justice.

“It’s a tough screenplay to lick and we had some very good writers. But it was like you had to convince the studio that this movie could stand alone on its own. But at the same time there would be unresolved issues ultimately with what happens to Yorick and how it all ties together.

“It’s really tough. If someone came back to me today and said they would love for me to jump in and do this the way I wanted to do it, I would. But I just feel like it’s too much for one screenplay. I’m not involved with that now.”