Director Stone wants to make terrorist film

Director Oliver Stone certainly doesn’t shy away from the controversial.

Stone has proclaimed he wants to make a film about terrorism in the wake of what happened on Sept. 11. But the Hollywood-powers-that-be may not feel the same way and probably won’t be bankrolling hard-edged films for quite awhile.

“I’d like to do a bullet of a movie about terrorism and how it works,” Stone told a panel at the Lincoln Center yesterday, according to the New York Post. “It could be a fascinating thriller that would really entertain people.”

“I don’t buy into this concept that all people want to see right now is Zoolander. I think we can tie movies in to the attack. Let’s make a big movie about terrorism and let’s do a good job of it,” Stone continued.

Tom Pollack, former CEO of Universal Pictures, however, told the panel it was going to be “ten times harder” to get these kinds of movies made.

“It’s because it will be harder to figure out how to make money from them, and it will become harder for independent films with political content to get distribution,” said Pollack.

A long-time conspiracy theorist, the JFKdirector also hinted that somehow the attacks were connected with the rise of multinational corporations that dominate filmmaking and banking.