Disclosure defend new video against drug complaints

British electronic music stars Disclosure have been left baffled by their label bosses’ decision to pull the video for their new single from YouTube.com, insisting allegations the promo promotes drug use are completely unfounded. The dance duo unveiled the visuals for Help Me Lose My Mind online earlier this month (Oct13), but the film sparked complaints suggesting it glorified the use of illegal substances, prompting executives at PMR Records to remove it from the popular video-sharing website.
Musician Guy Lawrence can’t understand what critics are complaining about because the promo featured no specific reference to drugs, but he insists he is not upset about the label’s self-imposed ban.
In an interview with Revolt TV, he says, “The video doesn’t contain any drug using at all. The video kind of created a sense of euphoria, and people were connecting and having a good time.
“We’re not about glamorising drugs in any way. And although the video doesn’t explicitly show that, if that’s how people are feeling about it, then you know, it’s fine to take it down, it’s not a big deal to us.”