Disney Doppelgängers: 9 Stars Who Look Like Disney Characters

Peter Pan = Justin Beiber?
All mussed hair and boyish charm, Justin Bieber looks like another boy known to make people “believe”: Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll). With the amount of fame the baby-faced pop star has gained in his years singing so far, we can only imagine that he doesn’t want to grow up, either.
Princess Merida = Victoria?
‘Brave’s spunky heroin Merida (Kelly Macdonald) has a wild attitude and a wild head of curly red hair to match. The little Scottish princess shares this defining physical attribute with another movie character who loves to run through the woods and kills people with sharp objects (bow and arrow, vampire teeth, it’s all the same): ‘The Twilight Saga’’s Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). Apparently, red curly hair is something to beware.
Baby Beast = Edward?
‘Beauty and the Beast’’s Beast (Robby Benson) may grow up to be huge, deformed, and hairy, but as a child, he was almost as pale-skinned and coiffed-haired as America’s best-groomed vampire, Robert Pattinson.
Bruce the Shark = Michael Fassbender?
It’s been said before (thanks to the Michael Fassbender Looks Like a Shark tumblr) and we’ll say it again: Michael Fassbender looks like a shark. In particular, he looks like Bruce (Barry Humphries), the Great White Shark from ‘Finding Nemo.’ Look at that toothy grin and those blue eyes – with a set of fins, Fassbender would fit right in chasing clownfish around the ocean.
Hades = Gary Busey?
With a facial expression that is constantly twisted up into interesting shapes and a mess of oddlycolored hair, Gary Busey looks just like ‘Hercules’ character Hades (James Woods).
Jasmine = Kim Kardashian?
With flowing dark hair, tan skin, almond-shaped eyes, an oval face, and the affinity to wear as little clothing as possible at any given time, Kim Kardashian looks just like Disney’s Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin). Unlike Princess Jasmine, however, Kardashian would never fall in love with a “street rat” (unless it was a publicity stunt), and would probably not hang out with a pet tiger (what if it got more attention than her?).
Captain Hook = Howard Stern?
He’s loud, swashbuckling, and commands a large group of poorly washed followers – we’re talking about Howard Stern, of course, although the description fits Peter Pan’s Captain Hook (Hans Conried) just as well. But the similarities don’t end there: the dark hair, prominent nose, and long chin make Stern a dead ringer for the Disney pirate.
Alex the Lion = Don Cheadle?
We never thought we’d say it, but Don Cheadle looks just like an animated lion. Between the wide grin and the raised eyebrows, it’s almost as if Alex the lion (Ben Stiller) was made to look like the movie star.
Tinkerbell = Michelle Williams?
Have you ever seen a real person who looks so much like a pixie? Between the short blond haircut, pale skin, small round face, and demure smile, Michelle Williams looks just like Tinkerbell.
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