Disney settles injury in park ride

The Walt Disney Co. has settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed to suffer a brain hemorrhage after riding a Disneyland rollercoaster. According to Reuters, the deal came days shy of the company having to release the names of people who had suffered brain injuries at the park. Deborah Brynum, 46, claimed she had suffered a headache for several days after riding the Indiana Jones attraction in 1998 and fainted twice. He was ultimately diagnosed with brain hemorrhage and underwent surgery. Ray Gomez, a Disney spokeswoman, confirmed that the company settled with Bynum but details could not be discussed publicly. She also said that Disney considers the ride safe since “more than 43 million people have ridden it safely” since its 1995 opening. Brynum attorney, Barry Novack, suggested that Disney should test and study these rollercoasters for the riders should be alerted to possible health dangers.