Does Hollywood need stars?

The box-office success of such films as Shrek, Jurassic Park III , Planet of the Apes, The Fast and the Furious, with Paul Walkerand The Mummy Returns may make it difficult for big movie stars to negotiate $20 million movie deals, according to Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office trackers Exhibitor Relations. Noting that this year’s summer movies will likely set a record without the likes of Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford, Dergarabedian told Wednesday’s New York Daily News: “The summer is more about explosions and special effects than acting. … These [hit] movies have done well on sheer marketing and word-of-mouth. Look at how much awareness there was for Planet of the Apes. People are going to go see that movie regardless of who’s in it.”

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