Don’t yell “cut” on “Big Brother”

Another Big Brother contestant is in hot water with the producers of the show after allegedly threatening a fellow contestant Sunday night, according to the Canadian website JAM! Showbiz. During what was described as a “confrontational chat” between Nicole, an Atlanta chef, and Will, a Florida physician, Nicole reportedly remarked that if he ever betrayed her, she would kill him by “slitting” his wrists “vertically not horizontally” with her chef’s knife. After reportedly receiving a warning from producers that a recurrence of such dialogue would get her kicked off the CBS show, Nicole, according to JAM, approached Will again and said, apparently amiably, “I got a warning because of you!… I am so embarrassed I could kill myself.” Last month, another contestant, Justin Sebik was kicked out of the Big Brother house when he put a kitchen knife to the throat of Krista.