Donald Sutherland hopes The Hunger Games will bring political change

Donald Sutherland hopes The Hunger Games film series will rouse the American youth from political apathy. In the movies, Sutherland plays despotic president Coriolanus Snow, who presides over a society in which lower class citizens like Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen, are forced to fight to the death by an oppressive government.
The actor believes the social injustice in the films might make young Americans take more notice of the world around them and encourage them to take more interest in their country’s political system.
He tells Britain’s Guardian newspaper, “(The Hunger Games) just puts things out in the light and lets you have a look at it. And if you take from it what I hope you will take from it, it will make you think a little more pungently about the political environment you live in and not be complacent.”
He adds, “Hopefully they (young people) will see this film and the next film and the next film and then maybe organise. Stand up.”