Douglas fights tears as he talks about cancer battle on TV

The movie legend was a guest on Tuesday’s (26Apr11) Oprah Winfrey Show when he was blindsided by a question about how his health scare has changed him.

Pausing to fight back tears, the actor said, “Wow! I know that I’m much closer to my friends and family. I have a much deeper appreciation of family and friends. I was moved by the outpouring of support and I was truly overwhelmed by the fan support.”

And he revealed he has discovered a new appreciation for religion following his cancer fight.

The Wall Street star added, “For somebody who has no formal education… the amount of prayers and support that I received worldwide, I think truly did have an influence… in what happened.”

But Douglas insists his dogged determination to get on with things really helped him win his first battle with cancer: “You got cancer, you gotta take care of business and they tell you, ‘You’ve got seven weeks of radiation and chemo…’ you kind of dive in and do it. I’m the type of person when they’re sick… I don’t like a lot of fuss or attention… So I got on with it.”