Douglas’ rep denies new collapse report

The Wall Street star is recovering after completing radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer last month (Oct10).

A new tabloid article in the National Enquirer suggests the frail movie star needed medical treatment after falling at his apartment on 29 October (10), while his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones was away on business in China.

A source tells the publication, “He quickly came to his senses, but knew he needed to get himself checked out. He had a driver take him to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to see his doctor.

“It was a frightening moment, and he didn’t want to worry Catherine… After being examined, Michael was allowed to return home.”

But a spokesperson for the ailing Hollywood actor insists there is no truth to the collapse report and says Douglas is continuing on the road to recovery.

The National Enquirer previously alleged Douglas had just three months to live, prompting the actor’s spokesman and friend Allen Burry to blast the sick speculation as “really disgusting” and “complete fabrications”.