‘Downton Abbey’ Stars Told to Clear Their Calendars for 2018 Movie


Fans of beloved TV drama Downton Abbey will be ringing in the New Year on a high after learning the show’s stars have been asked to keep dates free for a movie shoot in 2018.

Actress Phyllis Logan has revealed she and other favorites from the show have been told they will soon be getting a completed, revised script.

Logan, who played Mrs. Hughes on the show, told the Mail on Sunday, “There’s a potential script coming our way, slightly rewritten.

“Everyone’s been asked what’s going on between this date and that date. So we just hope that all the elements – because there are so many – come together. To have a last hurrah with all the characters, going back to the castle and seeing all the old muckers (friends) will be fantastic. I’m certainly up for it.”

Downton Abbey ended its run in the U.K. on Christmas Day, 2015.

Julian Fellowes, who created the series, has been a big fan of reviving the period drama ever since it went off air, but previously stated, “Logistically, I think it’s quite hard because it’s a very big cast and you would want to get all of them, or pretty well all of them, and they are all on Broadway or in Hollywood and so on and we would have to find this magic window.”