Dr. Laura Debuts Quietly

Call it Dr. Laura Schlessinger light. The controversial talk-radio host was nothing like her razor-tongued self when her daytime TV talk show debut Monday. Known for lashing out at the gay community, calling homosexuality “deviant,” Dr. Laura took a much safer path.

Her topic? “Teens and Drugs.”

But that didn’t stop a group of activists who gathered outside Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where the show is tapped, to chant slogans such as “Two-four-six-eight, Schlessinger is full of hate.”

Monday’s show was far from her typical heated banter, too. Her guests included teenagers, whom at one time or presently smoke pot, and their parents. And get this: They were all well dressed and polite. There was also a representative for a company that markets drug tests for parents to use on their kids.

A 17-year-old was tested on the show for drugs. The results were negative. The audience applauded.

Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him?