Dr. Phil McGraw: ‘Young Hollywood should take note of Lohan’s downfall’

Dr. Phil McGraw: ‘Young Hollywood should take note of Lohan’s downfall’

Just hours after the actress was arrested again following an early-morning brawl in a New York club, McGraw appeared on TV news show Access Hollywood Live and he was taking aim at the Mean Girls star and her parents.

The TV titan hit the headlines in October (12) when he interviewed Lohan’s mother Dina, who appeared to be confused and lost during the tense chat about family values and her role in her daughter’s fall from grace.

And now he’s on the attack again.

McGraw said, “We talk about the younger generation as though we have nothing to do with. I mean, come on, you’ve gotta look at the upbringing here and when you look at her parents, you have to put some ownership there.

“What kind of leadership, what kind of role modelling, what kind of examples are we providing kids… I certainly think that that’s lacking.”

He then turned his attention to Lindsay, who was released from police custody in New York following her arrest on suspicion of assaulting a woman at Manhattan hotspot Club Avenue.

McGraw added, “Clearly at this point, Lindsay’s making some bad decisions. What’s she doing out at four o’clock in the morning at this club? What’s gonna happen there that’s going to enhance her career? I’m guessing zero. Anything that’s gonna happen there is gonna be bad.”

And he suggested Hollywood newcomers and their parents should take note: “This whole system here in Hollywood is manned with a bunch of sycophant suck-ups, and so you put people in a situation where they’re a star and they’re young and you don’t really know who you are a lot of times.

“You show up on set and there’s a couple of hundred people all swirling around you; it can go to a young person’s head… Then you put a bunch of staffers in there who tell them what they wanna hear and all of a sudden they’re making decisions that they can’t take back… and they have a lot of time on their hands… It’s just a formula for disaster.”