Dreamworks sent “Shrek” scripts to Disney

Demonstrating that cooperation is possible even among the bitterest rivals if the motivation exists, DreamWorks executives submitted scenes of their upcoming Shrek to Disney attorneys in advance so as to avoid a potential lawsuit, the New York Post reported Wednesday. The movie satirizes numerous fairy-tale and Disney characters. Referring to the Disney characters in the movie, co-director Andrew Adamson told the Post: “It’s pretty hard to have fun with fairy tales without touching the biggest purveyor of fairy tales in the world.” And while some writers have suggested that the film represents a kind of personal attack by DreamWorks founder and ex-Disney exec Jeffrey Katzenberg on his former studio and its boss, Michael Eisner, Adamson remarked, “The movie’s too good-hearted to be any revenge-based thing. If people think that, they’re really missing the point of the thing, which is to turn fairy tales on their ears.”