Drew Barrymore blasts stranger who asked if she was ‘expecting’


Drew Barrymore was very hurt when a stranger recently asked if she was pregnant again.

The Charlie’s Angels actress and her ex-husband Will Kopelman are parents to daughters Olive, five, and Frankie, three. While Drew has no plans to expand her family at present, she was stunned when a woman approached her at a restaurant to ask if she was having another baby.

“I’m walking out of a restaurant with a bunch of my mom friends. We all had kids (with us), there’s kids running around the restaurant,” she shared during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night (21Mar18). “And this woman stops me and says, ‘God, you have so many kids.’ And I said, ‘Not all of them are mine.’ I was like, ‘I just have two.’ And she went, ‘And you are expecting, obviously.’ And I literally looked at her and go, ‘No. I’m just fat right now.’

“I walked out of the restaurant and I’m not going to lie, I was like, ‘Oh man that’s rough.’ But she’s a b***h.”

While Drew felt pleased she was able to get a form of revenge on the stranger by sharing the story on a late-night talk show, she did admit that her weight has fluctuated quite a lot in recent years. While she would rather be eating “fettuccine alfredo all day” she makes a concerted effort to be in tip-top shape when she is shooting her Netflix horror-comedy show Santa Clarita Diet.

“When I’m doing the show I’m vegan and barely eat anything and I work out almost every day. It’s so healthy and it gets you euphoric. Then it’s like food poisoning, you think you’ll never want to eat again, and before you know it you’re just pigging out,” the 43-year-old laughed.