Drew Barrymore & Timothy Olyphant help Netflix Fan Propose to His Girlfriend


Drew Barrymore and her TV husband Timothy Olyphant have helped a fan propose to his girlfriend as part of an elaborate and romantic Netflix prank.

Santa Clarita Diet superfan Kamela was told she and her boyfriend of six years, Conor, were taking part in a reality TV show linked to the comedy drama, in which Drew plays a zombie realtor, when the cameras were in her home to capture her reaction to her new fiance’s proposal.

The couple settled down to watch the show as Drew and Timothy appeared onscreen and started to talk about the secret to a happy marriage – an odd subject for Barrymore, who has three failed marriages behind her.

The stars were interrupted onscreen by Conor who explained he had a question for his girlfriend and then called on the real Conor to take over.

Kamela immediately burst into tears and said, “Shut the f**k up! Are you kidding me?” as her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, explaining, “It’s not a show, babe, it’s not real. it’s all for you. It’s been awesome being your boyfriend but if you’re cool with it I’d rather be your husband.”

In footage posted online, the newly-engaged couple then celebrated with glasses of champagne as Drew and Timothy gave them a thumbs up, prompting giddy Kamela to state, “Drew Barrymore said my name.”

She then called her mum to tell her she was engaged, giggling, “He did a really good job.”

Ironically, the newly-engaged couple’s first date was watching Netflix.