Drugged Up Whitney Cummings Forgot All About ‘Unforgettable’ Audition


Actress Whitney Cummings won her role in new drama Unforgettable while high on pain medication after undergoing treatment to freeze her eggs.

The 2 Broke Girls co-creator reveals she was recovering from the procedure when she got a call from her agents urging her to try out to play Rosario Dawson’s supportive best friend in the movie.

Whitney was supposed to be on bed rest, so she recorded her audition from the comfort of her own home and sent in the footage to director Denise Di Novi.

However, the actress, who is known for her kooky behavior, had forgotten all about the film by the next morning, because she had been so drugged up when she agreed to shoot the tape.

“I put myself on tape in my house, and the next day they (her agents) call me and they’re like, ‘They (filmmakers) love the audition,’ and I was like, ‘What audition?’,” the 34-year-old told Today. “I was on Percocet and Oxycontin, and I literally was like, ‘Uh oh’, and went through my phone and saw 40 videos where I had been doing auditions in my house…”

Despite her concerns, Whitney is convinced the numbing of her comedic senses worked wonders for the role: “I think it did help my audition that I was in so much pain that I couldn’t really make jokes,” she added to People magazine. “I just was able to play it very seriously because I thought I was on the edge of death.”

Whitney was then called in to meet Denise in person, but she wasn’t sure whether the filmmaker would still like her to portray Ali if she wasn’t high.

“I was like, do I take Percocet again, before I go in for the (proper) audition…?,” she laughed on Today.

“The only reason I came off like the supportive, nice friend was because I was on drugs, so then I just had to fake the rest of my way!”

Whitney previously revealed she was freezing her eggs so she could control her own fertility future in 2015, two years after splitting from filmmaker Peter Berg.

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