E.T. Phoning Home Again

Everyone needs a vacation away from home once in a while, including E.T. The stubby little alien with the glowing heart is coming back to Earth for the theatrical re-release of “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” in March 2002.

The event, to commemorate the Steven Spielberg film’s 20th anniversary, will include never-before-seen footage and a digitally remixed soundtrack. Heck, even the little alien will get a 21st century facelift with the help of computer technology.

“Even though ‘E.T.‘ has achieved this special place in our lives, I always wanted to give audiences another chance to experience it as they first did — in theaters, seeing it again, or seeing it with their families,” Spielberg said in a statement. “I also wanted to enhance that experience with advances in technology and some new footage.”

E.T.” was first released in 1982 and starred Dee Wallace Stone, Henry Thomas and a pint-sized Drew Barrymore.