‘Easy Rider’ Rollin’ Again?

What are they smoking over there in France? Apparently something good enough to come up with this: “Easy Rider 2.” Today’s Daily Variety, in a straight-from-Cannes dispatch, reports that two people you’ve never heard of (producer Glen Tobias, writer/director Mikki Allen Willis) will team to create a sequel to 1969 hippie classic “Easy Rider.”

Shooting is said to begin in the fall. It’s not known whom Tobias and Willis will be shooting. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, who starred in and created the original “Rider,” are kinda old to be biking down to Mexico these days.

And their Captain America sidekick — that would be Jack Nicholson — is kinda expensive these days.

Oh, one other thing: All three of those guys’ characters got killed in the first movie.