Ed Sheeran gets property advice from Goldie

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has received unlikely investment advice from British musician/actor Goldie. The Sing hitmaker has become a wealthy man since shooting to fame, and he has decided to invest his money into property following advice from the electronic music artist, who has been his friend for five years.
Sheeran tells Britain’s Heat Radio, “It’s Goldie (handing out advice) actually… He rung me up. I’d been in touch with him since 2009, since before anything went well, and the week the album came out, he rung. He’s a very, very elusive character, and he rung me out of the blue and he’s like, ‘You bought a house yet?’ and I was like, ‘No’. And he was like, ‘Buy a house!’ and I was like, ‘Okay’.”
The singer will be playing at Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England on Sunday (29Jun14).