Eddie Izzard urges Scotland to stay in the U.K.

British comedian Eddie Izzard is to perform a special gig in Scotland in an effort to convince the country’s residents to vote against leaving the United Kingdom. The funnyman’s show, titled Scotland, Please Don’t Go, will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland in April (14) and money raised from ticket sales will be donated to the Better Together campaign, a drive to keep the country part of the U.K.
The comedian is urging English citizens to donate to the campaign and share pro-U.K. messages on social media in an effort to influence the upcoming referendum.
In an article written for Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Izzard insists, “I totally respect that this is a decision for the Scottish people but I love Scotland too much to stay quiet about how I feel… I think most people across the U.K. would feel a deep sense of loss if Scotland left.”
Izzard’s comments echo the sentiments of rock legend David Bowie who begged Scots to “stay with us” in his BRIT Awards acceptance speech in February (14).
The Scottish public will vote on the issue of independence in a referendum in September (14).