Eddie Kidd speaks out over wife’s abuse

Former James Bond stuntman Eddie Kidd has spoken for the first time about his estranged wife’s assault conviction, insisting he spent years suffering the most “humiliating” and “shameful” abuse at the hands of his partner. Samantha Kidd, 44, was jailed for five months in August (13) after pleading guilty to four counts of assault by beating for attacking her wheelchair-bound husband.
Eddie has now opened up about the drama in an emotional interview with Britain’s The Sun newspaper, revealing he blamed himself for his wife’s behaviour.
He says, “It tore me apart… She would slap me in the face and punch me in the chest and arms, strangle me and say horrible things. I loved her so much. I suppose, I still do. But when she was hitting me… I would just be crying inside and thinking, ‘Why? Why are you doing this to me?’… As a man, any man, to be beaten by your wife is desperately humiliating and in a way, shameful. I ended up blaming myself… I took on so much when I was riding. Then after all the stunts, all the fanfare, I am sat in a chair being beaten by my wife and there is nothing I can do.”
He goes on to urge other men suffering similar abuse not to be afraid to speak out, adding, “More men should open up and shouldn’t be afraid of what their friends might think of them. Domestic abuse is horrific and I know first hand it can affect men as well as women.”