Edgar Ramirez performed exorcism on his friend

Actor Edgar Ramirez performed an exorcism on his pal as part of his research for his new role in horror movie Deliver Us From Evil. The Wrath of the Titans star portrays a demon-chasing priest in the new Eric Bana movie and after reading up on exorcisms and chatting to clergy who had performed them, he decided to give it a go himself.
He tells WENN, “I tried to research as much as I could… There’s a lot of crazy stuff out there, so we had to focus on what we would use in the movie. I had to stay open to embrace this process.
“I met with priests who performed exorcisms and then I performed an exorcism on my friend who thought that I was kidding and that it was a joke. But it wasn’t. I think it went well. It was a mild evil spirit that he had inside him, so I think he will be fine.”