Edward Burns made sure festive film was the perfect family movie

The Brothers McMullen star set the story in his childhood home in New York and thought it would be nice to head back there for the project.

He tells WENN, “When I wrote the screenplay I imagined that the Fitzgeralds were living in the house that I grew up in on Valley Stream, Long Island. So when it was time to do the location scouting, I needed to find a place that felt like the house I grew up in.

“I called my mum and said, ‘Who do you think back in the neighbourhood would allow us to shoot the film in their house?’ She called up her friend Tina Costello and the Costellos opened their doors to the Fitzgeralds.

“The final scene in the movie was very special – the entire family is sitting down to dinner in that tiny dining room and not only am I sitting there with my film family – with actors that I’ve known for 18 years – but I also had a flashback to actually having dinner in that room with my family when I was in the third grade.”

And Burns made sure there was a real family feel on the set – by casting his favourite actors from his past films.

He adds, “Almost the entire cast are people I’ve worked with before. We actually went through the 10 films I’ve made and pulled at least one actor from each film and what ended up happening is they’ve all known one another for a long time… These folks have real history.”