Eiza Gonzalez pays tribute to her ‘pirate dog’ after it loses an eye


Eiza Gonzalez has paid tribute to her brave dog Pasita who is recovering after having an eye removed.

The Baby Driver star shared the news in a post on Instagram, with a photo of her beloved dog post-surgery, after she’d had her left eye removed.

In a lengthy post accompanied by a poignant snap of Pasita with a cone around her neck, Eiza revealed that her rescue dog of 14 years is suffering from a degenerative disease which took some time to diagnose, and subsequently had severely damaged her eye.

“My dog is absolutely everything to me,” she began the post. “Today it’s been such a hard day for me. I saw my baby girl who I rescued 14 yrs ago and shared my life with lose her eye over a sad degenerative desease (sic).

“After taking her to thousands of vets and no one figuring out what she had by the time someone finally figured it out, it was too late. It’s been so hard for me to look at her and accept the fact of life and aging.”

The 28-year-old, who is dating actor Josh Duhamel, 45, thanked her followers and her family for their support “throughout this absolutely brutal process”, explaining that like many pet owners, she loves her dog like she is her own child.

“I hold on to the fact that she’s feeling better and is in less pain,” she continued. “Also so grateful because it could be so much worst. She’ll be the cutest pirate dog out there.”

She ended the post by asking her followers to keep Pasita in their thoughts as she remains optimistic for her recovery.