Eli Roth directs TV ad for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal themeparks


Filmmaker and actor Eli Roth has made his commercial directorial debut by taking charge of Universal Studios’ new Halloween Horror Nights TV spot.
The man behind horror films Hostel and Cabin Fever joined forces with Universal theme park bosses in Florida and California to create a creepy ad for their annual spookfest, which this year begins on 15 September (17), and his first commercial, The Mourning After, has been posted online.
It will hit TV at the beginning of next month (Sep17).

Roth is a long-time fan of Halloween Horror Nights and has previously served as a creative consultant for the event, including a Hostel-inspired maze.


“I first got involved with Halloween Horror Nights as a fan – I felt that I was in a horror movie and I didn’t want it to end,” he says.

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