Elijah Wood’s sneaky plan to avoid fans

The Lord of the Rings star is a huge science fiction and comic enthusiast, but finds it hard to take in the annual convention as he is always mobbed by film buffs.

But he’s tempted to attend this year’s (12) event in San Diego, California in July by taking inspiration from fellow actor Simon Pegg and disguising himself with an elaborate costume.

He tells movie site Collider.com, “It’s weird, in my daily life, I can go anywhere without a problem. But, that’s such a concentrated amalgam of those folks, that it’s difficult… But, it’s really hard ’cause I want to (attend).

“I’ve been there so many times, and I did walk the floor the first time I went. We were there to promote Rings before it came out, and I did walk the floor and it was radical. I checked out all the toy booths. It was awesome, meeting artists. But, after the first movie came out, it was pretty apparent that I couldn’t do that again.

“And I’ve thought about getting a costume or a mask and walking around that way, but it’s a little difficult. A bunch of people do that. I think Simon Pegg does that. I’ve definitely thought about doing that.”