Elizabeth Hurley Apologizes to SAG

Three months after breaking the Screen Actors Guild commercial strike, British supermodel turned actress Elizabeth Hurley formally has apologized and pledged to make a “significant” contribution to SAG. The Estee Lauder model and former longtime flame of actor Hugh Grant was the first high-profile actor to shoot a non-union commercial during the strike when she filmed a perfume spot in July.

“She was completely unaware of the situation because she doesn’t live in this country, and she is extremely apologetic about it,” Hurley‘s agent, Tracey Jacobs of the United Talent Agency, said at the time.

SAG continues to investigate the incident. “She has expressed regret in a letter to the union, but she is definitely going to have to appear before a trial board,” said Jerry Hookey, SAG’s national strike coordinator. The strike’s goal is to convince cable advertisers to pay residuals, rather than a flat rate, to actors in commercials.

Could the timing of Hurley‘s public contrition have anything to do with her latest film, “Bedazzled,” opening this week? In Los Angeles, some movie posters have been scrawled over with the word “scab.”

She might play the devil in “Bedazzled,” but Hurley draws the line at scab. At least where the almighty box office is concerned.