Elizabeth Hurley’s Career in Jeopardy

Sexy British actress Elizabeth Hurley a union defector? Say it ain’t so! That’s what the Screen Actors Guild says, and it’s threatening to expel the supermodel turned actress from the union for shooting an Estee Lauder commercial in the middle of a strike, the New York Post is reporting.

The consequences? Hurley, 35, might never work in Hollywood again. That’s doesn’t sound groovy, baby!

Hurley‘s publicist has said that the actress is extremely sorry for taking the non-union gig in New York, saying that the bombshell didn’t know about the strike since she lives in England.

But her fellow actors and the union aren’t buying it.

Union reps are saying Hurley might be expelled, but at the very least, she’ll get a hefty fine.

Hollywood actors aren’t taking it lightly, either. During a rally in New York on Tuesday, actor/producer Tim Robbins was quoted as saying: “We’re bringing Hurley to trial after this is over. She won’t get away with it.” Ouch!

So what’s all the fuss over? Money, of course. The actors have been on strike since May 1 to force cable advertisers to pay them royalties each time a commercial airs, rather than a flat, one-time rate. As it is, commercial actors make about $5,000 per year.

“This is a strike about working class actors. This is not a strike about celebrity actors,” Robbins said.

Uh, so shouldn’t that leave Hurley off the hook?