Ellen Burstyn to make directorial debut

Actress Ellen Burstyn is set to make her directorial debut with a film inspired by the events in the life of manager/producer Danny Sherman. The Exorcist star will headline and direct the film, titled Bathing Flo.
Burstyn has long wanted to step behind the camera, but the 82 year old explains she was discouraged from directing in the 1970s because she was a woman.
She tells Deadline.com, “When the AFI (American Film Institute) initiated a directing workshop for women, I was in the first one. I made a nice little film and thought I should direct, but I was so busy acting, and every time I’d bring it up, it was something that was always sort of discouraged for women.
“It’s easier now, and when they sent me this Bathing Flo script to act in, I began picturing scenes I just loved. And they loved the way I pictured it, and I just thought, ‘Why am I not directing this?’
“Back in the ’70s, the idea of a woman directing was pretty unheard of. When I brought Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore to John Calley at Warner Bros., he asked me then if I wanted to direct it. I said I didn’t feel I was ready to act and direct at the same time. AFI made me more confident, but somehow it never came together and I never got asked again the way that John asked me. And I never found something I really felt I wanted to direct, until now.”
Bathing Flo, which was written by actress Lauren Lake, will centre on a man who discovers a man’s elderly mother living in the home he is looking after.