Ellen DeGeneres: ‘Cops never want to give me speeding tickets’

Ellen DeGeneres: ‘Cops never want to give me speeding tickets’


Ellen Degeneres‘ celebrity status means she can very easily get out of receiving speeding tickets.

The TV presenter made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (10Dec18), where host Jimmy asked her about her love of driving and how she likes to cruise “a little bit above” the maximum.

Ellen then explained that because The Ellen DeGeneres Show has made her a household name, she no longer even has to try to convince traffic police officers to let her off for cruising over the speed limit.

“I drive a little bit above the suggested limit, because some of them are so low. Some of them are like 30 miles an hour, and that’s like, really? I was going like 35 on my way to work the other day, and this motorcycle cop was hidden… and he pulled me over. He walked up and said, ‘I’m pulling you over because you’re going 35 in a 30,’ and then he kinda looked at me like he thought it might be me,” she recalled, before going on to share that the officer quickly changed his tone when she handed over her driver’s licence. “He goes, ‘You do a lot a good for the world, so here just take it back.’ It was weird.”

Ellen emphasised that she’s a safe driver and rarely speeds now. Though she did admit that she used her charm to avoid a speeding ticket when she was driving on a freeway last year.

“I got pulled over for speeding. That time I was going fast,” the 60-year-old remembered. “I pulled over and (the officer) walks up to the side and I had the window down and he goes, “Listen I… Oh! My wife loves you!'”

“I was like, ‘Oh good! You want to get a selfie?’ So, we took a selfie. Sometimes it helps when you’re (famous).”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ellen spoke about her new Netflix stand-up special Relatable. The project marks her first comedy show in 15 years, and she noted that she took the opportunity in order to show fans a “different” side to her.

“It was my life for 20 years, and it was touring, and it was really hard because it was the beginning, and no one knows who you are. So when I was done with it, I was done,” she continued. “And then it had been 15 years and I decided I miss it and (thought) it would be a challenge to do another one, and I just decided to start writing. And I’m really happy with it.”