Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I Was Molested By My Stepdad’

TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres is set to shock fans by revealing she was
molested by her late stepfather when she was a child, in a new magazine

The lesbian comic tells the new issue of Allure magazine she was a victim of
her stepdad’s lust in 1975, while her mother Betty was in hospital being
treated for breast cancer.

DeGeneres, then a teenager, claims her guardian insisted on checking her for
breast cancer lumps.

She recalls, “He made me let him feel my breasts. He made me lie down because
he said he felt hers (mother’s) when she was lying down.”

After that incident, the comedienne’s stepfather started to become violent
when she refused his advances.

She adds, “He tried to break down the door to my bedroom… I had to kick a
window out and escape and sleep in a hospital all night long.”

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