Elton John speaks to King about royal matters

In an interview on Larry King Live Friday, Elton John talked about his friendship with the late Princess Diana, and told the world that getting sober was “the best thing” he ever did.

John thoughtfully reflected on meeting Princess Diana for the first time at London’s Windsor Castle, CNN News reports. “She made you feel completely at ease,” John said.

Only once, John recalled, did the two get frustrated with one another, and that was when the Princess pulled out of a charity event he had organized. After John expressed his disappointment to Diana, he says, “she wrote me a very terse letter.”

CNN also reports that John was very open about other matters throughout the interview, including his 16-year battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

The singer said, “I’ve been sober now and clean for 11 years…but, you know, those three words: ‘I need help.’ If only I’d said them earlier.”

John also talked freely about his concern for the spread of AIDS. “In an educated country like this [the United States] or in Britain, it’s frightening.”