Eminem Gets Political on New Single ‘Untouchable’


Eminem is tackling political topics head-on in his latest track Untouchable.

The rapper is gearing up to release his ninth studio album, Revival, on 15 December (17), with the record slated to feature guest appearances from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Pink, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce, who features on the project’s first single Walk on Water.

Eminem has now unveiled his follow-up, Untouchable, which features lyrics that cast a spotlight on racism and police brutality issues in the U.S., as well as white privilege.

“It’s like we’re drifting back into the ’60s/Having black-skin is risky/’cause this keeps happening/Throughout history, African-American’s have been treated like s**t/And I admit, there have been times where it’s been embarrassing to be a white boy,” the rapper spits in one of the verses, which merges into a chorus featuring a sample from Cheech and Chong’s 1974 comedy album, Cheech & Chong’s Wedding Album.

Elsewhere, Eminem references controversial South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord, stating: “Wonder if sometimes it has a fight scanner/I feel like checking out on life, can’t escape my circumstance/I’d rather hear them say Die N-word than Die Antwoord/Ninja, now it’s better to describe banter.”

Untouchable has been produced by Denaun Porter, who recently opened up up about what it’s like to work with Eminem, revealing he believes his rhymes come from the heart.

“I was really ready to jump in and help where I could,” he told Complex, “but it wasn’t a particular sound. I think there are some elements or things that we used when working together, but it wasn’t a particular sound. It was just the feeling, you know?”