Emma Watson Cried When She Saw Herself Sing on Screen


Emma Watson broke down in tears the first time she saw herself in the completed Beauty And The Beast film, because she was so proud of her singing voice.

The Harry Potter star portrays Belle in Disney’s live-action remake, and while she has enchanted fans with her performance, Emma admits it took a lot of work to make sure her vocals were up to scratch for the movie musical.

“I was in tears,” she gushed on Britain’s This Morning show as she recalled her initial viewing of the finished project. “I couldn’t believe that I… after I managed to get through three months of singing lessons – to see where I had got to. I couldn’t believe it, I was really proud.”

Her achievement was all the more remarkable because she suffered an attack of the nerves just before cameras started rolling on the film, and she feared she would croak out the tunes, just like Florence Foster Jenkins, the amateur opera singer Meryl Streep recently played onscreen, who famously couldn’t hold a tune.

“I had a complete crisis of confidence before we started shooting,” Emma continued. “I was convinced I was like Florence Foster Jenkins and I was awful and no one was telling me because they were scared to! I had (a) complete bout of paranoia that I had to break through.”

Beauty and the Beast has been breaking box office records in the U.S. and U.K. ever since hitting cinemas last week (ends17Mar17), and the actress jokes the film may be the pinnacle of her career.

“I’m 26 and I’ve peaked!” she quipped. “Belle was one of my childhood heroines and Hermione (from Harry Potter) was too, and now I’ve played both. As an actor to get to do both is just incredible!”

And it appears all her real-life suitors are doomed to be second best after Belle’s elegant ballroom dance scene with Dan Stevens’ The Beast.

“There’s never going to be a more romantic moment in my life!” she beams. “There will never be a more romantic dress or ballroom or more romantic dance with my love interest!”

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