Emmy will have her day

Saying that it was acting with the approval and encouragement of the White House, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences confirmed Wednesday that it will present the twice-postponed 53rd annual Emmy Awards ceremony at the Shubert Theater in Los Angeles on Nov. 4.

“The Emmys have gone on every year … through Korea, Vietnam, assassinations, [and] political turbulence,” TV academy chairman Bryce Zabel told reporters. “It would be wrong to abandon it at this time.”

Zabel indicated that the awards show would follow much of the script set out for the Oct. 7 presentation, canceled at the last minute because of the start of U.S. and U.K. air strikes in Afghanistan that began earlier in the day. It will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Walter Cronkite is expected to deliver a “preamble.” The “satellite ceremonies” in New York have been scrubbed.
“We plan on doing the show on November 4 — I don’t want to say come hell or high water, but it’s really important that we do the show,” CBS President and CEO Les Moonves told reporters, adding “We cannot control world events.”

Neither can he control baseball. If the World Series goes seven games, the last game would be played on Nov. 4. Noting that the Series only goes the full seven games 20 percent of the time, Moonves said, “We’re betting on that.”