“Episode II” to be “darker” tale?

Writer R.A. Salvatore says that he has delivered the first draft of the
novelization of Star Wars: Episode II: The Attack of the Clones to
George Lucas, the official StarWars.com website said Wednesday.

Salvatore said that the novel, which is due to be published at about the
same time the film is released next year, provides “insights into the
characters’ thought processes and establishes new scenes that did not
appear in the screenplay.”

He indicated that he was particularly taken
with the screenplay “because I like dark. …A lot of it’s psychological. You’ve got this really torn teenager. You start seeing
the indications that something’s not right in Anakin’s world.”

So will it be darker than Episode I: The Phantom Menace?

Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen, the 20-year-old Canadian actor who plays
Anakin Skywalker, is being praised by Kevin Kline, who costars with him
in Life as a House, due to open in limited release on Friday.

“He’s astonishing,” Kline told the Toronto Star. “He’s so gifted.
So smart and so unspoiled.”

In the film, Christensen plays Kline‘s
alienated son, described by the star as “a Goth with dyed black hair and
blue eyeshadow who sniffs glue and practices autoerotic asphyxiation in
his bedroom.”