Eric McCormack Rules Out Gay Wedding for Sitcom Character

Eric Mccormack has ruled out the possibility of marrying another man in the
finale of his hit sitcom Will & Grace, because he believes fans will dismiss it
as a stunt.

While the Canadian actor, who plays Will in the series, assures that next
year’s final episode of the show will please fans, he doesn’t want to do
anything too predictable.

He says, “I used to think a gay wedding for Will should be the way to go, but
that feels a bit ‘stunty’ now. It’s going to be a really beautiful ending that
will please long time fans.”

McCormack, who stars in the show alongside Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes, also reveals that a large number of guest stars from earlier
seasons will return for the final run of episodes, which will begin airing this

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