Evan Rachel Wood calls out Hollywood for choosing ‘models and YouTubers’ over actors


Evan Rachel Wood blames social media for giving “models and YouTube celebrities” parts in movies over real actors.

Westworld star Evan, who is back as android Dolores in the Emmy-winning series in April (18), vented her frustration on Twitter over the lack of amazing films currently being produced by Hollywood, though gave no indication as to what triggered her outburst.

“You guys dont even know how many amazing movies with amazing actors never get made. If you knew about half of the s**t that doesnt make it off the ground or the actors’ that people don’t consider ‘valuable’ enough to get the film financed. You would literally cry (sic),” she fumed.

“Social media is playing a huge part in this. So just be prepared for movies to get worse and worse with only models and youtube celebrities starring in them.”

Numerous writers, producers and actors agreed with her sentiments, including former Anger Management star Michael Arden and screenwriter Amanda Samaroo who replied: “That’s a f**king shame because we are out here writing amazing female driven spec scripts worthy of production. #smh #Screenwriters.”

Sharing Amanda’s message, Evan added: “Yes we are and have been for a while now.”
However it wasn’t all bad news, with one fan commenting TV was now the place for talented actors to show off their skills, a sentiment Evan agreed with.

The 30-year-old has been a Hollywood regular since her breakout role in 2003’s Thirteen, opposite Nikki Reed and Holly Hunter.

As well as her busy acting career, Evan is gearing up to make her directorial debut. Deadline reported last year that Evan will direct and star in a road trip movie alongside Jenny Slate, Alison Pill, and Cynthia Erivo.

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