EXTRA: Ellen & Anne Cleaning House

The country home of former Hollywood Golden Gay Couple Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche is up for sale. The Los Angeles Times reports that the $2.75 million property in Ojai, Calif., 10 acres complete with citrus and avocado orchards, is on the market.

The couple were together for 3 1/2 years before their split last month. Friends said that no third party was involved in the breakup announced Aug. 19, and the women described their parting as amicable.

They also have a home in the Hollywood Hills, purchased in June 1999 for $1.7 million.

Shortly after the breakup, Heche, 31, was hospitalized after walking into a Central California home in a dazed state. Fresno police declined to elaborate on the actress’s condition, but a friend later said that Heche was suffering from sunstroke.

Heche is currently working on a film in Toronto with Denzel Washington. DeGeneres is working on a new sitcom for CBS.

Here’s a brief recap of the Anne HecheEllen DeGeneres breakup, which is undoubtedly this summer’s most interesting celebrity love story gone awry:

Aug. 19: Heche and DeGeneres announce their separation in a press release, issued by their publicists on a Saturday (when many reporters get the day off) so as to minimize the bad publicity. But such plans are foiled by Heche, of all people, who is found wandering in the California desert on the very same day.

Aug. 22: A Fresno law enforcement official tells a newspaper that, when he interviewed Heche, she said she was God.

Aug. 24: A friend says Heche was stranded in the desert because her SUV ran out of gas, and she was suffering from sunstroke, not under the influence of drugs. He tells the world that Heche is “happy.”

Aug. 25: The tabloids say the Big Breakup was caused by Heche‘s renewed attraction to men, specifically, her former co-star Vince Vaughn.