EXTRA: Less of Moore

HOLLYWOOD, May 16, 2000 – Demi Moore knows a bad film when she sees one – apparently such is the gift of someone who’s arguably been in many of them. But who’d have thought that the actress would go as far as skipping out on her own upcoming flick? An upcoming flick that marks Moore’s first screen appearance in three long years? Doesn’t she need publicity for being something these days other than the estranged Mrs. Bruce Willis.

Guess not. On May 26, Paramount Classics is scheduled to quietly open the parallel-lives drama “Passion of Mind“, starring Matthew Beisner, Demi Moore and Demi Moore. (She plays not one, but two, parts in the flick.)

Word is that, for yet identified reasons, the finished film somehow managed to offend Moore’s sensibilities so much so that she flat out refused to do any kind of promotion or publicity for the film. No perfunctory media junkets, no polite press conferences, no obligatory interviews, and not even a sound bite. And, indeed, when the “Passion of Mind” junket was held in Los Angeles last week, Moore was not there.

Moore’s publicist denied reports of the actress’, um, lack of enthusiasm for the film and told Hollywood.com that the star’s M.I.A. status on the promotional campaign was due to the fact that Moore has been “busy.”

Given that Moore’s dire need for a comeback hit after a litany of sobering duds like “G.I. Jane” (1997), “Striptease” (1996), and “The Scarlet Letter” (1995), the actress must be pretty busy to miss doing promo time for her first film vehicle since “Deconstructing Harry,” released in late 1997.

But with her rep’s blanket denial, our earnest inquiries — (1) What is it about the flick that she doesn’t like?; (2) Why the heck did she decide to do the film in the first place?; and, (3) Come on, is it really worse than “G.I. Jane”? — sadly were left unanswered.