EXTRA: New Orleans Rats on ‘Real World’ers

MTV kick-starts another spanking new season of “The Real World” on Tuesday. But besides the where (New Orleans), the who (see next graph) and the what (the roommates are supposedly asked to put together a public access TV show), the music channel has been decidedly tight-lipped about the ninth edition of the real-life soap. ROOMIE #1: Danny What we do know about the cast is this: There’s the egomaniacal Ivy League alum Jamie (the cocky, privileged one), feisty Southern belle Kelley (the spoiled one), soul-searcher Danny (the sensitive, lost one), Mormon Julie (the devoutly religious one), Catholic hip-hopper Matt (the culturally paradoxical one), loudmouth Melissa (the Filipino-black biracial one) and the auspicious overachiever David (er, the black one).

ROOMIE #2: David And surprise, surprise, there’s also the requisite gay one (who is among one of the said male cast, but who he really is has hitherto been kept a secret).

ROOMIE #3: Jamie Given the official hush-hushness, we decided to go right to the source for this one. We called on the denizens of New Orleans to see if they’ve got any “Real World” moments they’re just dying to share with us. For easy reading, the responses have been divided in the following categories.

“The house was cool, but I don’t really care”

ROOMIE #4: Julie “[Their house] is absolutely gorgeous, but the whole thing is set up for commercial shooting, with walls as thin as paper,” Chuck Ferguson, an artist whose paintings were displayed in the New Orleans house, told Hollywood.com. “I saw them around in coffeeshops and stuff, and I’m not star-struck. I never went up to them and said, ‘Hey, you got some of my stuff at your house.'”

“We saw the cast around a lot, but we don’t really care”

ROOMIE #5: Kelly

“We saw them at various clubs and events, and some people would know who they were. But if you approach them, they’re really evasive,” the good folks at insideneworleans.com, a New Orleans-based news Web site, told Hollywood.com. “And once you see it and you see them in action, you’re pretty much as impressed with the show.” “We saw them around, and we like to make fun of them”

ROOMIE #6: Matt

The people at insiderneworleans.com also told us: “The best thing happened during Mardi Gras. A local news writer here assembled a fake ‘Real World’ cast with 10 of his friends, and he started marching them up and down the streets and during the festival. That got the MTV camera crew confused, and they started following them, instead of the real cast, with cameras.” ROOMIE #7: Melissa “Then the ‘Real World’ producers told them to leave the premises and asked them if they had a permit. Of course they did. But when they asked “The Real World” people for theirs [the permit], they didn’t have it.”

Oh, and just to cover all the bases, we also contacted the New Orleans’ Police Department to see if any of MTV’s seven had done anything, um, noteworthy during their Big Easy stay. Perhaps mistaking our question for a request on their criminal records (if any), New Orleans’ finest told us that they couldn’t give us that info.

Guess we’ll just have to tune in.

The hourlong “Real World”/”Road Rules” casting special airs on MTV at 10 p.m. EDT/PDT on Tuesday.