EXTRA: ‘Star Wars’ Security Breached?

Everyone knows how methodical, thorough and tight are the legendary security measures taken to protect the “Star Wars” franchise. So, how did some greedy fanboy get his dirty hands on a copy of the “Star Wars: Episode II” screenplay?

We say “greedy” because the unidentified culprit who says he has purloined the prized script isn’t offering it (or even a synopsis) gratis to the fan universe. This guy wants $100,000.

“Greedy” because the actions of this money-hungry script thief have put one of the best Web sites for “Star Wars” info in a difficult situation.

The story, first reported by columnist Jeffrey Wells of Reel.com, concerns TheForce.net, a megapopular, fan-run “Star Wars” site.

As the story goes, the anonymous scooper offered to sell the “Episode II” script to TheForce.net, but instead of ponying up the ridiculously high price, the Web site dutifully alerted Lucasfilm Ltd. of a possible script leak.

But here’s the sticky part: Now Lucasfilm wants TheForce.net to reveal its source.

Given the fact that the purported scoopmeister wasn’t acting in the name of fandom (scoops are usually free, not $100K), that’s probably not a bad idea. But, by ratting on one of its sources, The Force.net might scare off other future scoopers with equally juicy info.

TheForce.net hasn’t commented on the situation.

Lucasfilm, meanwhile, issued a statement saying that it reserves the right “to decline comment on any possible investigations associated with unauthorized or unlawful use or possession of our copyrighted property.”

Here’s hoping that script turns up on ebay.