EXTRA: We Saw the Matthew Perry Porch!

It’s a good thing Matthew Perry is a successful actor, and not planning a second career in decorating, or anything. See, there’s a house in the tony Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles these days that bears the “Friends” star’s handiwork: A wooden front porch that’s been reduced to a pile of scrap lumber, thanks to the actor’s swift maneuver to avoid hitting an oncoming car on a narrow, winding drive.

OOPS: More Perry-induced rubble. On Monday morning, about 48 hours after Perry’s green Porsche crashed into the house, we decided to check out the accident scene. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to check out. Where were the teams of reporters? The hordes of lookiloos? Doesn’t everybody know that: A Famous Star of “Friends” Crashed Here?

If they do, they don’t care. The place was, well, totally quiet — zero fan-types, one reporter (not including us) from “E! News Daily.” Yeesh. Kinda dead. Guess that’s what happens when there’s no juicy scandal angle to a story — no evidence of drunken driving, drugs, sex, or anything else interesting. (Cops say Perry was just trying to avoid a crash.)

Anyway, we wanted to talk to the people inside the Perry-smacked house, but considering the elevated porch was knocked clean off, the front door was floating about 10 feet above the sidewalk, making it impossible to knock. (Just to be persistent about it, we tried throwing pebbles at the door, but nobody answered).

So, um, there wasn’t a lot to do, but, well, stare: Stare at the wooden wreckage, which looked a lot like a kid’s treehouse that had plummeted from a high branch, take a couple of pictures, and marvel at the fact that no one was hurt in the car-versus-domicile confrontation.

The cops didn’t conduct an official investigation into the accident; they say everybody concerned was cooperative and no report was necessary.

No word on whether Perry‘ll turn up here again next weekend, with some two-by-fours, a hammer and nails.