Fans call on Jeff Bridges to run for Senate in Montana

Montana voters have signed a petition urging Oscar winner Jeff Bridges to run for a state Senate seat. Over 1,000 people have signed the online petition, which was posted on by Billings-based fan Lizbeth Pratt.
She has asked The Big Lebowski star to run for Senate and replace John Walsh, who has dropped out of the race.
She writes, “He has great recognition! Charisma! Brains! He is also highly accessible.”
Bridges, who owns a home in Montana, has spotted the petition online and offered a statement to DJ Howard Stern on Tuesday (12Aug14), which reads: “There’s a group of people that have called in and want me to run for senator of Montana, like 1,000 people”, but he reveals his wife doesn’t want him to run, adding, “She looks at me and says, ‘Don’t even think about it’.”
Officials representing the Montana Democratic Party will announce a candidate to replace Walsh later this month (Aug14).