Fans welcome ‘N Sync’s “Celebrity”

The wait is over.

‘N Sync’s new album Celebrity hit shelves Tuesday. And if you waited in line to be one of the first to grab a copy, you were not alone.

At 10 a.m., about 30 fans who had been waiting in line flocked into Best Buy in Boca Raton (which was blasting the group’s first single “Pop”) to buy the new album.

“I am a crazed ‘N Sync fan … obsessed is the word actually,” said Stephanie Fabric, 17. “I couldn’t wait until 10 a.m. so I could buy [the album].”

“I came with her,” Casty Conway, 16, said pointing at Fabric. “I would have come anyway but probably not as early.”

Celebrity is the follow-up album to last year’s No Strings Attached, which set a record by selling 1 million on the release day, and 2.4 million copies in its first week of domestic release.

“There’s going to be huge competition with No Strings Attached,” singer Lance Bass told “I mean, definitely, and it’s one of those things where everyone is going to expect us to beat the record from last year and all that type of stuff, which I ‘m kind of hoping we don’t beat just so we’ll go ahead and end it now, so that next time around we don’t have to beat Celebrity because eventually, you know, you’re going to have to sell less.”

Fans have no doubt that the new album will sell as much, if not more, than their previous release.

“I think they are gonna sell more this week because their songs are taken to a new level, ” said Fabric. ” I think it’s better than No Strings Attached.”

“The songs are more mature than the first album, it sounds much better,” Marissa Mesoni, 16, said.

Fans know some of the songs because the band has performed half the album on their current PopOdyssey tour, which started before the album’s release.

“We’re looking at the audience and seeing if they’re digging it, and so far we like the reaction that we’re getting,” ‘N Sync’s J.C Chasez told

Michaline Evans, 16, also was one of the first customers to purchase the album.

“I can’t wait to listen to their CD when I get to my car,” she said. Evans will be attend her first concert when the group performs Aug. 2 in Miami.

But if you think only teen-age girl were lined up in front of the store to get their first grabs on the album, you are mistaken.

Mike Semino, 17, was among one of the many males spotted buying Celebrity.

“I get a lot of stuff about being a guy and liking ‘N Sync,” he says with laughter. “But a lot of guys are closet fans and they just don’t admit it.

“I have been a fan since the beginning and I think they are awesome performers and very down to earth.”

Semino also will attend the Miami concert at Pro Player Stadium.

Another man, dressed in punk attire, torn jeans, tank top, arms covered in tattoos and spiked-up hair, strolled into the store. He restlessly walked over to the ‘N Sync stand and picked up a copy of the album. He rushed out of the store with CD in hand.

A Best Buy customer representative could not help but laugh.

“That guy was listening to punk music in his car outside and he comes in here to get the ‘N Sync CD,” he said. “It’s going to be crazy today.”

Fans kept calling the store to ask if they carried the CD and the Best Buy rep told them the album had sold out.

“They freaked out,” he said laughing.

If ‘N Sync does beat the record sales again, what will that say about the other boy band, Backstreet Boys?

“I was a Backstreet Boy fan, but they kind of have died out,” Mesoni said. “My friends have forced me into being constantly surrounded by ‘N Sync, so I started to like them a lot.”

“A lot of people’s moms like them now,” Janey Shakur, 16, said about the Backstreet Boys.

But as big as their “celebrity” may be, the boys of ‘N Sync know that their success won’t last forever.

“I think ‘N Sync will be around really forever,” Bass told “I think we’ll continue to come together and make music and release albums even if only five people get it.”

“It’s kind of like the old saying, ‘Two heads are better than one.’ Well, five are pretty cool, too,” Chasez said.

‘N Sync are scheduled to perform Aug. 20 on NBC’s Today show.

Their video for “Pop” received six 18th MTV Video Music Awards nominations, including Best Group Video, Best Dance Video and Best Pop Video. The awards will air Sept. 6 at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.