Farewell, Nature Boy

Nature phone no more. Greg Buis, the Richie Rich-looking Ivy Leaguer from Colorado, got slapped with the “out” vote on “Survivor” during Wednesday night’s broadcast. No apparent reasons were given for his dismissal.

The 24-year-old self-proclaimed journeyman’s legacy on the Pulau Tiga includes the invention of the titular “nature phone” (a makeshift communication device made out of a coconut), winning Wednesday night’s reward challenge (where he got to watch a videotape of his sister) and requesting a cigar (instead of food) after he got the bye-bye.

Perhaps due to chronic malnutrition, Buis’ valedictory speech, as posted on the CBS Web site (www.cbs.com), made very little sense.

“It’s an excellent game, well manufactured and well thought-out. A microcosm of humanity and humanitarianism possibly, possibly not, possibly just a game.” on and on Buis went.

As to the overall tally: There are now eight castaways left and five more episodes to go until someone gets the $1 million prize.