Fast & Furious 7 Keeps Ludacris From Live TV Ad For New Talent Show

LudacrisUniversal via Everett Collection

Rapper/actor Ludacris was forced to miss a live TV promotion for his new talent show Rising Star on Monday night (16Jun14) because he wasn’t allowed to leave the set of the latest Fast & Furious film.

Host Josh Groban and talent judges Brad Paisley and Kesha were part of the live ad for the show, which begins airing in America on Sunday (22Jun14), but Ludacris couldn’t make it due to his filming schedule.

He explains, “This is a date that has been on the books for the longest, and they would not let me off set. “When dealing with multi-millions of dollars, it was just one of those times that I was not able to make it…”

Groban admits he was nervous when the rap star was a no-show, adding, “I’m up there having to explain where Ludacris is and it was explained to me before I went on live across the country that Ludacris was in a helicopter and couldn’t land. I was thinking, ‘Man, that is bad-a**’.”