Fazer to trade on N-Dubz stars’ tabloid scandals

British rapper Fazer has confessed he will “capitalise” on the controversial reputations of his former N-Dubz bandmates when he releases his debut solo album. The three-piece announced a two-year hiatus in 2011, but while Fazer has used the time to work on new material, his ex-colleagues Dappy and singer Tulisa Contostavlos have both been dogged by legal issues.
Fazer is adamant he will never risk becoming a source of tabloid outrage but he’s happy to trade on his former bandmates’ exploits – and even hopes his efforts in the studio will lead to an N-Dubz reunion.
He tells BBC Newsbeat, “Right now obviously I took a conscious decision eight months ago to really graft (work) on my album and do a sound and carve a lane for myself which no one else in the U.K. has got… But my stuff isn’t an N-Dubz sound. It’s a different level now…
“It’s going to capitalise a lot on the bad press that we have had in the past between the other two members and I think it’s going to take someone like me to come through now because it’s a fresh, clean slate. I’ve got friends in the industry, you will never see me in the tabloids for X-Y-Z at all. All I’m known for is my music and keeping my head down and I think that’s what it needs to really make a sort of impact for any sort of, let’s say, drive for a reunion.”
In February (13) Dappy – real name Costadinos Contostavlos – was given a six-month suspended jail sentence and 150 hours of community service for assault following a brawl at a gas station in Surrey, England.
His cousin, singer Tulisa, is currently free on bail after she was arrested in June (13) on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs following a newspaper sting.